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TWISTED SISTER | Dee Snider' exclusive interview for "Radio Russia"!

On July 28th 2011 at 20:10 on the Radio Russia waves "The Eighth Note" Radio Show will present an interview with Dee Snider, on the threshold of the Twisted Sister's concert in Russia on August 1st 2011. Dee Snider will tell about the most important events in the band's history, about creation of the most famous songs and will share his thoughts about rock music and creative work. He also will answer the questions concerning his book "Teenage Survival Guide".
Here you can listen to RADIO RUSSIA:
* www.radiorus.ru - at the "Live Programs" Section ("Прямой эфир");
* on "the first button" of the Wired Radio Rebroadcasting Net
Moscow Region frequencies:
СВ (AM,MW) 873 kHz 343,6 М
ДВ (LW)261 kHz 1149 М
УКВ 66,44 MHz